[ How to create a custom authorisation object ]

First you must determine the authorisation object structure. For example will the fields within the object be comprised of SAP standard fields or will the fields also have to be created.

If the fields need to be created the following must be completed:

Data Element
First create a new data element:

Complete all the required fields and save.



Authorisation Field

Create the new authorisation field.


Press create

You can reference a table for value selection help if required. This will be noticeable within PFCG when F4 is pressed on the field. If no table is entered then no values will be presented.


Authorisation Object

Now it is time to create the authorisation object


Select the required group. (create a new group if required)

Press create when you have entered the group:

Enter an object name, and description.

Then enter the new Authorisation Field previously created.



Assign New Authorisation Object

Run transaction:

Select a role which you want to add the new Auth Object to.

Select the Authorisation Tab

Select change authorisation data

Manually add the object:


Enter the group and save/generate the role.